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We show you how to launch and predictably grow your recurring revenue with a data-driven approach.

Why do 90% of startups fail?

They launch too late and waste a ton of time and money building something nobody wants to buy.

So what's the solution?

A "Growth Hacker" system for using market data to build better products.

We show you exactly how to step into that Growth Hacker mindset in our new community The SaaS Foundry for people who want to learn how the Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley really do it.

Inside, we share our Market Driven Developmentmethod for growth hackers to know exactly which features to build so you can avoid pivoting.

Our proven MDD method includes training and support on stuff like:

✅ Building a customer waitlist with gamification to get more signups (all you need is an idea!)

✅ Targeting and marketing to your ideal customers to find Product/Market Fit faster (most people mess this part up)

✅ Tracking conversion rates with product analytics to get feedback on your idea

✅ Running A/B tests to increase your conversion rates

✅ Using data dashboards to monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to understand what people like and don’t like about your idea

✅ Design sprinting to create a product experience for your idea

✅ Building a functional prototype to make your product design come to life

✅ Using your waitlist for customer interviews for feedback on your app prototype

✅ Monetizing your product with the right pricing and packaging for maximum Lifetime Value (LTV)

✅ Scaling with a team so you can work less and grow more consistently

— and more.

It’s our entire product development process laid out for you to learn from and swipe for your own app.

We're so confident you’ll love The SaaS Foundry, you'll get full access to the community and training materials FREE for a week.

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